ShowMe Healthy Relationships


Strong Couples. Stable Families. Better Missouri.

We believe every relationship matters. Whether you are single, in a committed relationship, or a parent, our program helps make those connections stronger, healthier, and more fulfilling. Our free courses are researched-based and will equip you with the support and tools needed to promote healthy relationships. Our program coaches will help you choose and navigate through one of our core courses and five supplemental courses to help you enjoy healthier and more stable relationships, become better parents and co-parents, better manage stress, careers, and money.

You are eligible if you are:

  • 18+ years of age
  • Your own guardian
  • Committed to learning about happy and healthy relationships

What Should I Expect?

  • This is a free program
  • Participants must complete one core program before taking supplemental programs
  • 5 weekly sessions lasting 2 hours
  • Class format is a blend of presentation, partner exercises, and class discussion
  • Participation in the class discussion is optional


Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work (for married or committed couples)
This is a 10-hour program (generally over five weeks) to help couples enhance their marriage or couple relationship by learning how to build a deep friendship, manage conflict, and work as a team to improve the relationship.

PICK a Partner (for singles)
This is a 10-hour program (generally over five weeks) to help singles or those in uncommitted relationships choose the right partner for a happy, stable relationship. You will learn five key things to look for as you explore potential relationships. You will also learn how to pace your relationship to avoid “blind love.”


After completing one of the Core Programs, you can work with a program coach to sign up for more free courses to help strengthen your relationships and family.

  • Strong Parents, Stable Children. 8-hour program (generally over four weeks) that provides helpful tips and resources about building positive relationships with children, understanding how children learn and feel, and responding positively to children. Handouts and resources are given to parents with children of all ages.
  • Step-parenting and Co-Parenting – Smart Steps. 8-hour program (generally over four weeks) that helps couples who have children from past relationships and may be in a stepfamily. The topics include tackling common stepfamily myths, the real experiences of living in a stepfamily, building caring relationships between stepfamily members, and establishing healthy rules and boundaries.
  • Taking Care of You: Mind, Body and Spirit. 8-hour program (generally over four weeks) helps individuals understand and manage stress and increase positivity and well-being.
  • Money Management – Making Money Count. 8-hour program (generally over four weeks) that teaches practical aspects of personal finance. Topics include: communicating about money, creating a spending and savings plan, and understanding how to use insurance, credit, and banking services. The workshops include presentations, real life examples and worksheets, which allow families to apply financial education immediately after learning the content.
  • Job Skills Training. Training is offered one-on-one with your program coach who will help you with areas that may be challenging, such as creating a resume and applying for a job, interviewing skills, and tips for beginning and keeping a new job. A program coach will be there for guidance and help you find other resources that can assist you in ways that you need.

ShowMe Healthy Relationships is a 5-year project funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families. It is a partnership between the University of Missouri Extension, University of Missouri Department of Human Development and Family Science, and three Community Family Agencies across Missouri who have come together to help singles and couples have happy and healthy relationships. All together, our programs reach 21 counties in Missouri.

Courses are also offered in:

Kansas City Area: Cornerstones of Care (P) 855.778.5437
Columbia Area: Central Missouri Community Action (P) 855.422.4510